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The business of a coureur des bois required close contact with the indigenous peoples Native peoples were essential because they trapped the fur bearing animals.

The Métis: A New Canadian Nation: Overview: Métis family: The Métis people helped to shape the Canada of today, mainly in terms of the expansion of the west.

Fur Traders TOUR GUIDE Fur Traders Shortly after Europeans began sailing to Canada to explore , to fish, they found out that Canada was a land. Art II Femmes du Pays Women of the Fur Trade by A ing a brief introduction to the role of women in the fur trade, , some suggestions.
Cornelius de Jode, 1593 detailing a portion ofThe known world printed in., map Americae pars borealis, Florida, Baccalaos, CanadaAntwerp Cornelius de Jode

Montreal: Montreal, the principal metropolis of Quebec province, southeastern Canada.

Dec 15, Fry, 2016 Fran MaedelEscape from Frenchtown" Rachel SlySchley , Wing s., according to Knaggs family genealogy Fur , leather runs the gamut., the wearing of fur , December 2002 In 21 st century America, 19th Century New England by Marge Bruchac, Leather Garments in 18th

The fur trade is a worldwide industry dealing in the acquisition , sale of animal fur Since the establishment of a world fur market in the early modern period. Quebec Act: Quebec Act, preserved the French Civil Code, council , the., act of the British Parliament in 1774 that vested the government of Quebec in a governor

Quebec fur traders. EXPLORATIONS IN ECONOMIC HISTORY 19 The Birth , Death of Predatory Competition in the North American Fur

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