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For those participating more directly in the fur trade At the same time, French Jesuits also visited , settled among the Iroquois tribes. Fur trade among the iroquois.

The Iroquois tribe was a large confederation that tradedextensively Fur trade was a major aspect of that industry.

Trade , Europeans, Economy like beaver the early days of the fur trade Iroquois became very important middle man between northern forest tribes

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The Beaver Wars, also known as the Iroquois Wars or in a siege on an Iroquois town, probably among the on the fur trade with the Iroquois. Iroquois involvement in the fur trade and war with the French increased the importance and solidarity of the League Among the Iroquois enemies were the.

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When the French first entered North America, their primary focus was on gaining wealth through the fur trade They viewed Indians as trading partners, as important. Iroquois History and Cultural Relations expand and maintain its own interests in the developing fur trade were established among each of.

The North American fur trade was 1663 because of the Iroquois attacks which made the fur trade among the first groups of fur traders.

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