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Returns a new the first form, if no arguments are sent, an array is created with., an optional default are sent, the new array will be empty When a size

Tornado web RequestHandler , Application classes¶ tornado web provides a simple web framework with asynchronous features that allow it to scale to large.

TomDoc for Ruby Version 1 0 0 rc1 Purpose TomDoc is a code documentation specification that helps you write precise documentation that is nice to read in plain.

Ruby initialize optional arguments.

CMake is a cross platform, test , package software CMake is used to control the., open source build system CMake is part of a family of tools designed to build Ruby: The Integer class defines succ, next succ , pred, which is a synonym for succ The String class defines succ, next mutate the., succ next, next, ,

Active Support Core Extensions Active Support is the Ruby on Rails component responsible for providing Ruby language extensions, , utilities, other transversal stuff

This site contains the latest version of the software, users guide, and information regarding bugs, installation problems, and implementation tricks. strong two factor authentication with java midlets on mobile phones.

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